Jersey Shore 5 | Ep3

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JWOWW comforts Deena after she learns Vinny has left Seaside, and Vinny reunites with his family in Staten Island.

Snooki and Deena celebrate their first "Meatball Day" back at the shore, and Pauly D and The Situation prepare for their birthday week.

Deena has a hair extension mishap after partying too hard, and The Situation and The Unit try to stir up some trouble.

The roommates call Vinny to find out if he plans on returning to Seaside, and The Situation meets a new Shore Store customer.

Sammi bonds with Paula, and The Situation and Pauly D share a potential hook-up.

Pauly D's family and barber come from Rhode Island to surprise him on his birthday, but The Situation isn't feeling the love.

The Situation begins to think the roommates don't care about him or his birthday, and he abruptly walks out of the house.

Don't miss an all-new 'Jersey Shore,' Thursday at 10/9c.


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