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A Look Back At Gaga's First 'TRL' Appearance

"I remember I was really nervous," Gaga says.

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Gaga reminisces about standing outside of the "TRL" studio in Times Square as a teenager.

Mother Monster and thousands of her fans jam New York's Times Square for her live appearance at MTV.

Lady Gaga pays homage to 'TRL' by choosing fans to enter the studio.

"I remember I was really nervous," Gaga says.

"The older I got, the more I realized how fashionable my mother was," Gaga says.

"It's meant to be slightly linear, and slightly twisted and confusing, which is the way that love is," Gaga says.

Gaga reveals her favorite VMA outfit was 2009's red lace McQueen gown.

"I would say that my life is one continuous performance," Gaga says.

Gaga reveals her top three issues would be alternative energy, gay rights and "world peace."

"I imagine that my pop career could be quite long and people will wonder what my demise will look like, so why don't we ...

In the rapid-fire session, Gaga reveals Radiohead was her favorite concert and "Creature in the Black Lagoon" is her ...


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